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Throwing Spaghetti at Love

Business and love are so intimately connected I am realizing. Not just for the fact that one impacts the other. I am starting to see how much the way you act in one area of your life, really does mirror how you show up everywhere else. Recently I had a series of events happen in […]

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Know Your Worth!

Ladies, this one is for you! Gonna try to keep this short and sweet. Stop undervaluing yourself! Know your Worth! Especially when it comes to love and dating. Time and time again I see amazing, beautiful, smart powerful women reduced to insecure, hopeless, desperate heaps because a certain guy did not want to be with […]

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Passion: The Key Ingredient to Success

The following is a re-post from November 2010. As you are planning how to accomplish your goals for 2013 and beyond, I want you to keep in mind a commonly overlooked or misunderstood factor. This one thing could be the lynchpin to creating the life of your dreams! There is a saying in the business […]

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Let Go of the White Knuckles

Accept. Let Go. Surrender. Regardless of the words you choose to convey the action, releasing expectations will result in some surprising benefits. Regardless of the area of your life or the person, being able to be OKAY with what was, what is and what may be is the key to freedom and joy. Think about […]

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Know Thyself

    Self inquiry. One of the most important, yet most ignored, components to a happy, fulfilled life. Think about how often we stop and ask ourselves the following questions: “What do I want?” “What do I REALLY want?” “Does this fulfill me?” “How do I want to live my life?” “What is for my […]

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