Passion: The Key Ingredient to Success

The following is a re-post from November 2010. As you are planning how to accomplish your goals for 2013 and beyond, I want you to keep in mind a commonly overlooked or misunderstood factor. This one thing could be the lynchpin to creating the life of your dreams!

There is a saying in the business world and business schools about success that goes like this: “Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.” I would like to propose a new factor in that equation and that is Passion. And not just Passion in the sense of powerful emotions. Passion being how you approach everything you do in your life – another definition in the dictionary is “Boundless Enthusiasm”. Think about it. We are usually motivated by external factors: I want to make X amount of money, I want to live in X place, I want to own X number of cars, I want to travel the world. But that can only get you so far, because eventually when the going gets tough, you will probably STOP going. Those motivators can only drive you to a certain degree. Passion lives in a different place … being motivated for mental or emotional reasons are great and they are necessary, however they are not enough. Passion lives in the core of your self and if what drives you does not live in every fiber of your being, I would venture to guess the end result will not be as fulfilling.

Look at any successful person around you. Really look at their mode of operation. Are they not passionate about what they do? Are they not passionate about what they stand for? Are they not passionate about their vision or the journey they are undertaking? It is that passion that takes them to that place that few get to travel! It is because of their passion. The funny thing is being passionate about what you do doesn’t have to fit the box of “only when I’m at my dream job” or “only when i meet the love of my life.” I can attest to this personally because when I was working a “normal” job, chained to my desk, 9 to 5, with the voices in my head on repeat saying “this is definitely not what i want to be when i grow up”, you know what got me through? That I was passionate about doing the best job I possibly could! I was no kidding passionate about my work ethic. It is what drove me and it is what continues to drive me.

“Follow your passion, and success will follow you.” ~Arthur Buddhold

So if you are not passionate about what you do … I implore you to stop and ask yourself why not? And if what you are doing in your life, in your career, is not something you are passionate about … you have a choice, and your choices are as follows: Either find out what you ARE passionate about and go that route, so that you can be fulfilled and happy and thriving OR change your perspective! Look at your current situation and ask yourself, “What about this CAN I be passionate about? What part of this lines up with my values?” Values are core beliefs such as honesty, connection, making a difference, etc. that make up who we are. Figure out how your situation can honor your value and GET passionate!

We can choose to be passionate or not and it doesn’t just have to be about your job, but what a great place to start. I tell you what … I am passionate about the relationships in my life. My friends and support system mean the world to me, but my passion for my relationships and having that deep connection with people is what keeps me fostering and nurturing those relationships. I’m passionate about being an entrepreneur, so I am constantly looking at ways I can stay self employed, have my freedom and blaze trails. And I am head over heels passionate about my coaching career, because I get to make a difference, to empower and inspire other people to figure out what THEY are passionate about and live their best lives.

So you see … passion isn’t just an equation for success in the work world, but it is a fundamental piece for success in your LIFE. I will leave you with the following quote, written by an expert at success in the business world:

“Without passion you don’t have energy, without energy you have nothing.” ~Donald Trump

Prosperity is yours for the taking if you can tap into your passion. Faith is what guides us but passion is what drives us!  What things in your life are you passionate about? How can you tap into your passion regardless of what you are doing? Share below in the comments … would love to hear from you! Also, if you are not already signed up for my newsletter, get on it so that you are up to speed on weekly posts and upcoming events by yours truly. Cheers!

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