Best Aphrodisiac? Loving Your Life

Happy 2013 everyone!! I got to thinking a lot about New Year’s resolutions the past few days. Facts are most people do not keep their resolutions. It is what it is. Not good or bad. Just is. I realized that SO much of what people resolve to do is to be, do or have different. The theme for most of these goals is to change.

I have an idea that may seem somewhat controversial. This year, instead of resolving to lose weight, make more money, find a husband/wife, be a better (insert role here), why not try making a resolution to keep doing what you are doing? The only catch is you gotta love what you are doing.

Bottom Line: Love your life. Fully enjoy it. Every bit of it!

Looking at it specifically from the attraction perspective, would you want to be with someone who is always complaining about their life? What about someone who can never be present and is always talking about “one day when I am richer/thinner/calmer/etc”?

I know I don’t. Didn’t think you would either! When we are busy living and LOVING our lives, we are glowing. We are happy and it shows. People come to the conclusion that we are fulfilled, have cool shit going on, don’t depend on others to entertain or excite us. Basically, they don’t see us as needy and know that we are able to meet our own needs!

That glowing, happy face of yours becomes one of the best aphrodisiacs around.

You can turn it on at anytime. Best part, it’s free! It just takes being present and embracing the life you have. It’s a perspective: “I love my life!” This aphrodisiac is powerful, trust me. Sayings such as “like bees to honey” and “like moths to a flame” speak to this effect.

This aphrodisiac is not restricted to the love department by the way. You will be amazed at, not only, the people, but the opportunities, that show up in your life. Whether it is around a passion of yours, your work/career, your romantic relationships, the simple perspective shift of appreciating and enjoying the hell out of your life will act like a magnet attracting all sorts of cool stuff to you.

So for 2013, I implore you not to do anything new and avoid jumping on the resolution bandwagon. Oh and follow the advice below:

Do what you do. Have what you have. Live it up. Your life is awesome. Act like it.

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Here is to loving our lives and having a FUN 2013!!

Can’t argue with the Kerouac!


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