Sex Kittens and Love Cats

Garfield Knows What's Up!

Garfield Knows What’s Up!

Whip it out … Your inner six kitten or love cat that is.

For years, maybe even aeons (is that more than ages?), stereotypically guys have been seen as the sex crazy ones and women have been seen as the love crazy ones. I am not one to stereotype, however stereotypes come from somewhere right? It has to have at least some grain of truth to it. Let’s be honest here: guys usually are more vocal and interested in sex. Same type of thing goes for the girls: except they are usually more vocal and interested in love.

The terms (love and sex) carry so much stigma these days. Not to mention unnecessary meaning that has been heaped on by society, culture, families, friends etc. What if we are talking about the same thing? What if love and sex are synonymous? In my humble opinion, the most casual sexual encounter can be full of love and connection, and the most romantic, lovemaking session contain a ton of raw, sexual energy.

In addition, I have something radical to propose. Ready? Are you sitting down? Haha. Maybe not that dramatic, however I am trying to make a point about how you can improve your communication and consequently, your quality of time in the bedroom. And what I am proposing is pretty simple to tell you the truth. Pretty anti-radical. One tweak in your perspective and a whole new world can open up.

Okay, now are you really ready? Because here you are, your only instructions:

Men:. It is your job to bring out your inner love cat. Look, we ALL know deep down you are a total mushball just like the rest of us. Don’t try to lie or cover it up. We’re not even buying it anymore. I know it has been conditioned into guys to check their emotions, but how well is that working for ya? How connected are you to the women you are with?

Women: It is your job to bring out your inner sex kitten. Look, we ALL know that deep down you want to have your mind blown (in the bedroom) just like the rest of them. Don’t try to play cute and innocent here. They know better now. Sex and the City … remember? Plus how frustrating is it to bottle up all that desire?

Besides the fact that roleplaying is pretty hot, tapping into that ‘locked away’ piece inside allows you both to relate to each other and speak the same language.

Think about how cool it would be to embrace that part of yourself. Like really embrace it; where you are not as concerned about what other people are going to think or say about you, and you welcome that side of you to come out and play. This to me is being comfortable in your skin and confident in the person you are. Because you are willing to try things and be honest about something that may not be working for you anymore. That is sexy. That is the heart of what is needed to have good sex. And I mean, like “Damn that was good, I need a cigarette now” sex. Nothing will get you laid quicker than curiosity, honesty and adventurousness.

Ladies: What are some ways you can bring out your inner sex kitten? What is possible by being totally honest about your wants, needs, desires in the sex department? Men: What are ways you can bring out the love cat and be honest about your feelings and emotions? Would love to hear from you (and support you however I can)!

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