The Message You Never Heard

Yes, even diamonds!

One of the most unfortunate things I see is self doubt. At times, the doubt is so severe it mutates into self loathing. Maybe no one ever told you that you can be anything you want to be in this life. Maybe no one showed you love that was free of validation, approval, expectation and mistrust.

It is such a basic notion. I mean, we should just know this stuff right? Intuitively we are supposed to get the importance of self love, self care and healthy relationships. But we don’t. And we shouldn’t, because we were never really taught any of this. Unless we had super aware, loving parents or sensitive, caring teachers, we missed out on this information. We were never given the message that you are enough – no job, significant other, friend, object is needed to prove or provide that.

You are beautiful, special, a true gift exactly the way you are. No fixing required. You can have anything you desire as long as you are open and honest about what you want and believe that you deserve it. You can have the awesome relationship, the super fulfilling job and the fun, adventurous lifestyle you want. If for no other reason than because you were born. Oh and because I say so!

As a present from me to you, I wrote a poem for you all. Back in 2007. Didn’t know at the time how profound it would be, however as I read it, I feel this is for you. It is the message you were meant to hear growing up and know it is true, 100% true.

“Who Knew…

Who knew I was a pearl housed in a clam’s shell?
Who knew a little time was needed to transform my emotional make up?
Who knew the road twisted and turned perpetually and without any warning?
Who knew that love, as tempestuous as it is soothing, would be my saviour?
Who knew that one day I could relate to the blossoming of a flower or the tides of the ocean?
Who knew that intuition was the voice of your heart’s wisdom?
Who knew an embrace could heal more than medicine or speak louder than words?
Who knew that magic and passion are as important in adulthood as they were in childhood?
Who knew that enlightenment could be attained on a daily basis?
Who knew I was actually a diamond hidden in a piece of coal?
Not I, my friend, not I …

December 17, 2007 – NV”

When you are completely aware of how amazing and beautiful you are, I promise your life will be richer than you could have ever imagined. Now tell me, honestly … “Do you believe, in your core, that you are enough and lovable? Do you believe, like the little kid you were at one time, that you can be, do and have whatever you want?”

I would love to hear how your self perception has been evolving over the past year. Please share your thoughts in the comments below. And if you know anyone that could use this reminder, go ahead and share the love. Sharing is caring as they say. 😉

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