Mark of a Good Relationship

Call me a hopeless romantic, or somewhat old fashioned, but I always envisioned myself in the type of relationship where I feel like I am floating on cloud 9. Not that I had an example of that growing up, but deep down, I was positive that this is what I wanted!




What I did have around was Disney ‘couples’. Yeah, I am sure that whole Prince Charming thing did not have anything to do with my conviction. Then  there was soap operas, sitcoms, romantic comedies and even celebrity gossip to help shape my idea of a relationship.

Sometimes I think it is a miracle anyone is in a healthy relationship with media and the amount of divorces swirling all about. We are never really taught how to thrive in life, let alone what a good, healthy relationship is supposed to look like!  Hence began my foray into self help, personal development and relationship dynamics.

Over time I realized that the floating feeling I used to fantasize about represented knowing that I am extremely loved, so much so that my partner wants my happiness as much as their own. May be hard or challenging at times, but such is life. In the end, what is most important is the well being of each individual.

Intuitively I believed that both parties in a relationship should be growing, developing, happy and successful. They should be supportive of each others goals, as well as encouraging. As the saying goes … ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.’

In my past dating life, I have experienced one of three scenarios at one point or another: One – my relationship is going really well but my career ends up moving to the back burner. Two – my career is gaining some real momentum yet dating is scarce because I ignore it. Or Three – Neither love nor career is successful and I feel like a big fat loser.

A while back I decided that I get to have it all. What I mean by all is a love life that is healthy, thriving, reciprocal and fun, as well as a career that is prosperous, full of passion and fulfilling. No more experiencing one at the expense of the other.

Basically, I realized that the mark of a good relationship is the desire to be the best version of yourself.

What had to happen first was fully following my passions and dreams. For me. Not anyone else. Committing to them 100%. One of those dreams was being in an awesome relationship. So I got into action around that too!

Took a year or two but I found the amazing guy to be in a healthy relationship with. I look at the relationship I am in right now and see how I am even more driven to grow my coaching business, to help people, to travel and explore/experience life.

To me this confirms even more so that I am headed in the right direction in both relationship and career. Neither one is failing or drifting off into the ether. I am truly happy (you could even say floating) and it is in big part because I know I have someone who has got my back. Without a doubt.

Now your turn to ask yourself.  Is this true for you in your current relationship? Do you both want to be the best versions of yourselves? If you are not in a relationship at the moment, ask yourself if that was true, or how true that was, in your past relationships. Keep me posted in the comments below.

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