Video: Compassion vs Criticism during Reflection

A little New Year’s video for you all … and for you readers, the loose transcript below.

So last night was supposed to be a magical time for me to reflect, Vision, dream, acknowledge myself and my accomplishments.

Yet all I did was go down the rabbit hole of self judgment. Like a harsh taskmaster I was looking at my tangible “results” this year end and had nothing to “show for myself”. It was brutal. I had to put myself to bed so that I could stop the incessant thoughts of failure and how to fix it for next year.

And I know had I been with anyone they would have set me straight and fast. Because they would have been looking at my year with compassionate eyes. Sure there are things that happened this year that I may have done differently.

But that is where the love comes in – to focus on my health and growth – and see the learning in these opportunities to do better and different next time.

I don’t want to paint a negative picture of my 2017. It had its ups and downs. My heart and body took a toll. Yet I created so much, saw so much, and helped so many people.

This next year will be about shining brighter than I ever have before but not at my physical expense. I will learn a way to be balanced, healthy, and strong in the process. Can’t be good to anyone else if I am not good myself.

So my dears … as you continue to reflect on 2017 and vision for 2018, I invite you to have compassionate eyes yourself. Because I sure as hell would have them on for you!

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