Episode 14 – Cultivating Strong Friendships with Dani Buckley

In today’s episode, the topic is friendships. We don’t put enough emphasis as a society on our friendships. It is easier to take those relationships for granted because it is such a part of our lives.

So in this conversation with Dani, we explore the ins and outs of friendship and cover the following topics and more:

  • Why we don’t put as much energy and emphasis into our friendships
  • The sacredness of friendships
  • How to cultivate deeper connection with the people in our lives

Dani Buckley is a connector, speaker, writer, facilitator, and self proclaimed life enthusiast. Her mission is to create, and participate in, communities centered around vulnerability, authenticity, and meaningful connection. She is passionate about guiding people to have the uncomfortable conversations, seek change, take risks, and engage in designing their own lives.

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