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Video: Dreaming vs Fantasy When it Comes to Ideal Relationships

There is a fine line between dreaming up your ideal partner and living in the fantasy that they will be perfect and your relationship will be perfect. In this video, I talk about some of those distinctions and how to be powerful in your choices! *For video transcription, see below. I wanted to talk about […]

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Video: Honoring Deep Desires and Breaking Up with Love [Our Story]

As most of you probably know, I have been in a romantic relationship with Bob Schwenkler for the past year and a half, building an incredible life together. Living together, creating a podcast together, growing a successful sex and relationship coaching business together, taking care of our cat-babies together…It’s been a blessing in so many […]

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Hang in There: Inspiration for your Heart

The first point of this PSA is to ‘hang in there’. Feeling so unbelievably blessed these days. Like I want to pinch myself and do happy dances all the time. I’m that person that is so on cloud 9 right now that you don’t know whether to vomit, tell me to shut up or sit […]

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We NEVER Fall for our Types

When I was 20 years old, I had gone to dinner with some friends and the topic of love, dating and relationships came up as it is want to do. Not really a surprise when that is what we think about all the time, whether we want to admit it or not. We think about love […]

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The Sexiest Thing is Trust

A while back I dug up a poem from December of 2006. I wrote this piece when I first started making one of the most poignant connections in regards to relationships. “The sexiest thing is trust.” For what are the chances of finding someone, Who you can trust with your mind, body and soul? That […]

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Ask The SEXpert: When is too much too much?

Question: I have been seeing a few different men… three now, that I am having sex with. And a few I talk to online.  None want a commitment, but I really need the attention I guess. I don’t LOVE any of them, in fact, one of them drives me crazy but our sex is amazing… […]

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Ask the SEXpert: My Sex Drive has Died

Question: After all the fighting and breaking up and making up and both of us having other lovers the last three years, it has taken a toll on my sex drive. Like it has died and I don’t know how to rekindle that. It’s so heartbreaking to have this beautiful passion gone. It’s caused a […]

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Ask The SEXpert: Trust After Infidelity

Question: How do you learn to trust your partner after an infidelity ? Response: This is such an important question and I know many people struggle with this. Thank you for sharing! I know it took some courage and vulnerability on your part. First off, ask yourself the question “Am I willing to truly forgive […]

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