Episode 17 – Solely Being A Mom is Not Enough with Jennifer Underwood

In today’s episode, we talk about life outside of motherhood. Can you really have it all? Can you step away from being with a mom in order to be a better mom? To find the turn on in being a mom when you don’t have to do it 24/7? 

So in this conversation with Jennifer, we cover the following topics and more:

  • You can have both – the work and the motherhood – it doesn’t have to be either or
  • Shame around speaking up about needing more than motherhood and fear of being judged
  • The twisted perspective of being seen as irresponsible or offloading burden to others when having friends or family help to raise the child
  • Don’t have to give up everything else to have children

Jennifer is a writer, a coach, a public speaker, a seeker of information, and a stand for truth and love. What does it look like to know that you are enough and you effect change, just by your being, separate from your actions?  That is the question she helps people to answer, and then she helps them incorporate that answer into their bones.  Her mission is to assist people in finding balance. Balance between the “Me” and the “We”, in personal life, in work life, and in the world at large, helping to create better individuals and a better world.

She’s an entrepreneur, an activist, an avid traveler, a domestic goddess, and a walking contradiction. She lives in Seattle with her pre-tween daughter, Rory. Her writing has been featured on Elephant Journal, The Mission, Thrive Global, and P.S. I Love You.  

To learn more about and connect with Jennifer:

Also sharing one of her poems, to illustrate one of the ways she is pursuing her passions in addition to motherhood … Title: Burn Notice – https://psiloveyou.xyz/burn-notice-ae0bcc86afc5

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