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Cliff Notes Version of My Sexual History

*This is another excerpt from the book that I am currently in the process of writing. Well, an excerpt of an excerpt as it is not the full piece … I like to tease, can you tell? If you had told me 10 to 15 years ago that I would be writing about my sexual […]

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Hang in There: Inspiration for your Heart

The first point of this PSA is to ‘hang in there’. Feeling so unbelievably blessed these days. Like I want to pinch myself and do happy dances all the time. I’m that person that is so on cloud 9 right now that you don’t know whether to vomit, tell me to shut up or sit […]

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Is Sex and Tarot the new Peanut Butter and Chocolate?

Last night some crazy shit went down. So crazy I am still a bit speechless myself. Soaking it in slowly but surely. Have you ever had an experience of stumbling into a situation where you thought “How the hell did I get here?” but simultaneously felt like “This is a bit overwhelming but beyond amazing!” […]

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Going, going, back, back, to Celibacy, Celibacy

I was thinking that when I came back to Southern California I would be in hog heaven when it came to my sex life. I envisioned feeling carefree and enjoying myself and my body again. But actually the complete opposite has been true. It baffled me at first. I couldn’t understand why. But when I […]

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Take Care of Your Man/Woman!

Take care of your man (or woman)! Regardless of your ‘status’ with each other. When you read the next couple of suggestions you may think they are solely applicable for dating (or in the very beginning stages of a relationship) but it is just as important when you are with a partner for the long or […]

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Ask the SEXpert: How do I bring up that I am a virgin?

Since this week’s post was a string of emails, as opposed to a straight Question and Answer, I will be sharing it below in an Interview style for your reading pleasure:   BT: “I am a guy interested in knowing what you think about my situation.  I am 24 years old and I am a […]

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What Turns Guys ON?

Ladies … thought I would do a bit of myth busting for y’all. I know this is something we women ponder all the damn time: “What turns guys on? Is it looks, smarts, personality? What?!?” So instead of getting all coachy on you this time, I decided to take a mini survey of the guys […]

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Ask The SEXpert: The Dating Category Dilemma

Question: I find that I put men in two categories when it comes to sexual rendezvous. Category one are the men I meet and decide they are more “hook up” material and therefore I have no qualms around when the hooking up takes place. Category two are the men I deem as possible relationship material […]

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